• What is Cisgender? Why does it matter?

    I wrote this post for Queer people and those still confused about the meaning of cisgender. Our identities help decipher thoughts about happiness, love, and success. Whether we are Queer or not our lives are a story about self-acceptance. Terms like “cisgender” work to help us understand the context of our lives and others. 

  • Queer As Folk – Review

    The following article review is a review of the show Queer As Folk, both the 2000 version and reboot. Spoilers ahead. Discussions about Queer television and history are included.

  • My One Regret

    Today I’m concerned about losing an entire generation of voices because of the current state of political affairs. I’m concerned that Americans are content with believing the worst about Queer people because being afraid is easier than staying informed. I didn’t know that happiness for LGBTQ people until adulthood. I didn’t know that being myself…

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