La Maschera goes Bridgerton

La Maschera is the Downtown Arts District’s largest annual fundraiser which serves as a celebration of the arts and artists in downtown Orlando. The event takes place on Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 7:00 PM -11:00 PM at City Arts. 

Click here to buy tickets! 

La Maschera is based on the popular Netflix drama Bridgerton. The show explores a fantastical regency-era world full of Queer people. I drew inspiration from the Orlando community for the outfits shown below. Thank you everyone for your support! 

Bridgerton Photoshoot Cast

Orlando City supports the creative freedom that artists use to promote self-expression. Confidence grows beneath a guiltless shadow left by our ancestors. The decades pass but some prejudices remain surrounding Queer people. However, projects like this photoshoot inspires hope. 

Until recently, I never imagined myself getting dressed up in heels and makeup for a photoshoot. Norrel Blair first took photos of me in 2019. My personal style mimicked feminine people like Marsha P. Johnson and Carrie Bradshaw. I desired a dissonance between myself and a public figure. 

Growing up, I thought people found me disgusting rather than intriguing. My interest in girls differed from other boys. I wanted to be treated sensitively like the ones at school.  A manly appearance required oneself to also “grow a pair” whenever faced with adverse situations. 

Instead of confronting oneself about reality, men dissolved into absence. Their invisible nature reflected my opposite approach to emotions. I nurtured my imagination with books and color. Reality became a metaphor that made art a passion.

Orlando City Arts supports the art of self-expression. I am proud to share these photos as an Queer artist. Thank you Opera Orlando for lending me the gold jacket. Thank you Thank you Danielle Ziss, and Ha’Ani Hogan, Keith Pottinger, Willie Dixon, and Robert Goss for the photos and creative experience. 

Click here to buy tickets to La Maschera on Saturday, September 24, 2022. 

Thanks again everyone for your support. Check back soon. 

Benji Gallagher 

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