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  • My One Regret

    Today I’m concerned about losing an entire generation of voices because of the current state of political affairs. I’m concerned that Americans are content with believing the worst about Queer people because being afraid is easier than staying informed. I didn’t know that happiness for LGBTQ people until adulthood. I didn’t know that being myself…

  • Don’t Stay Silent – Reading

    Don’t Stay Silent reading at Timucua Arts Foundation in Orlando, Florida during Pride Month 2022! Thank you Lauren White the Poetic Engineer for inviting me to share this piece. I am a #proud member of the LGBTQ community. Our history will not be erased! #saygay The Don’t Say Gay bill follows the same Queerphobic rhetoric as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Silence…

  • “Don’t Stay Silent” by Benjamin P. Gallagher

    “Don’t Stay Silent” by Benjamin P. Gallagher

    Happy Pride! The Winter Park Library invited me to speak at the LGBTQ event “Speak from the Heart” on 6/18/22. I read a piece called “Don’t Stay Silent.” The essay reflected on recent Queer history in the United States. This month I learned how to become a better leader because of our ancestors. Read the…

  • Writing Exercise Wednesday

    Writing Exercise Wednesday

    Hello, Thanks for supporting my page! Tonight I created a short post. The assignment was to write 50 kind words about myself. From there the exercise grew into a post about imagination. These days my dreams help me keep a fresh perspective on the world. I am someone that likes to daydream but seldom finds…

  • “True Beauty” By Benjamin P. Gallagher

    “True Beauty” By Benjamin P. Gallagher

    This post was originally featured for the Creating With Pride event on June 17, 2021. Check out the full zine here! Subscribe for more Queer content. Benjamin P. Gallagher

  • How Queer Emotions Made Me a Writer

    Last week, I shared an article called “My Ballroom ‘House Father’ Made Me the Man I Am Today” by Sydney Baroque on my Instagram channel. Baroque is a Journalist and Co-Executive Producer on HBO Max’s competition reality show, Legendary. In the article, Baroque shared a young man’s story about family and Queer pride. The piece…

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  • The Adventures of BoyKitsch 2021

    The Adventures of BoyKitsch 2021

    Except now you wouldn’t like me. You wouldn’t understand this version of optimism. You didn’t know how to think like an artist. You said, “the act of creation belongs to a higher power.” You rejected that power somewhere in your mid-twenties when everything was supposed to come together.

  • Venus87


    Dear Venus87, Today, I found your blog post “six rules for the gay gogo boy”. It inspired me to read your other LiveJournal entries. Your frustration sparked old embers inside me. We could have burned a lot of bridges together. So maybe it’s good that we were so far apart. See, I was angry at the…

  • Immerse BoyKitsch

    Immerse BoyKitsch

    The Creative City Project hosted their annual Immerse event in Orlando, Florida. Read my blog to learn about my experience!